Come Into The Kitchen

Joe and Myrna Sokolinsky  - Bios

Joe SokolinskyJoe Sokolinsky (composer) was born in French Switzerland to expatriate American parents.  He learned French playing with his little friends.  He went to Swiss public school.  Though he was bilingual, at about age six he started speaking only French because “it’s easier for me than English.”
“Can’t you go to a school and learn to talk right?” Joe begged his mother who spoke French with an English accent.

Every weekend the family (including a little sister) went hiking or skiing in the mountains.  Joe wanted to play with his friends instead.

When Joe was eight the family moved back to the U.S.   He applied himself to forgetting his French, embarrassed about being different from the other kids.

Living in the U.S. Joe heard Beatles’ songs and became a devoted Beatles’ fan, along with enjoying other great musicians of the 1960s and 70s.  He learned to play the guitar, self-taught.

In college Joe wrote humor pieces for the student newspaper, and started making films.  After college he wrote and performed satirical songs.  He moved to the Bay Area where he continued writing and performing his satirical songs and also wrote, acted in and filmed comedy skits.

In 2008 Joe moved with his family (Joe, Mom and sister) to Madison.  He became a member of the Madison Classical Guitar Society, which performs regularly.  He has composed instrumental pieces for guitar.

Myrna Sokolinsky (Joe's mother) is a poet and lyricist., she got the idea of writing lyrics for Joe’s tunes.  The CD Come Into the Kitchen contains five songs from their collaboration.

Myrna SokolinskyMyrna Sokolinsky, née Pollack, (lyricist) was born on Long Island.  As a child, she took piano and music theory lessons.

She attended Alfred University, Brooklyn College (City University of New York) and Parsons School of Design.

Myrna moved to French Switzerland with her husband and gave birth there to a son and a daughter.  After eight and a half years in Switzerland the family moved back to the U.S.

Myrna received a certificate in computer programming at NYU and worked as a computer programmer for the New York State government in Albany.

Myrna’s grown children moved to the Bay Area.  She retired and followed them there.

After fourteen years in the Bay Area, the family (mother, son and daughter) moved to Madison.

Having long enjoyed writing light verse, Myrna recently got the idea of writing lyrics for her composer son’s tunes.  The CD Come Into the Kitchen contains five songs from their collaboration.